Blue Flag part of the OPERAs userboard

The OPERAs project, funded by the EU, is about moving away from what is fundamentally an academic concept (ecosystem services) towards practice. To this end the project brings together science, policy and practice communities through the development of tools, methods, instruments, data, best practice guidelines, examples, training, educational materials, services, events and other means. Complementing this, the OPERAs project is testing the different approaches in defined areas. Most importantly, all of this should be developed together with, and for a community of practice.
Blue Flag International has been taking part in the OPERAs project in the past three years, and provides a user point of view towards marine environment and environmental education. This year, Johann Durand, Blue Flag International Assistant, attended the third OPERAs userboard meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, to bring Blue Flag's expertise to the userboard.

Picture Credit: Caterina Amengual