IUCN workshop in Copenhagen

Experts met in Copenhagen to discuss the Marine Protected Areas and how to ensure their better management.

An international IUCN workshop was held in Copenhagen on 24-26 April regarding Marine Protected Areas and their management.

Experts from different parts of the world met to discuss this issue and look at possibilities to better ensure good management in these areas.

Following this workshop, a meeting was held with FEE ( Malcolm Powell), Blue Flag (Sophie Bachet) and IUCN to work on integrating Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) better in the Blue Flag criteria and explanatory notes. By working more closely together, we wish to ensure that the MPAs near/in a Blue Flag area are well monitored.

Blue Flag (FEE) and IUCN are also considering entering a closer relationship in the future.

The report of the IUCN workshop is available upon request to the international coordination.