Blue Flag ceremony 2016 in Ukraine

ukraine saakashvili.jpg

For the first time ever in history of independent Ukraine, a newly constructed beach has been put into operation being built following the Blue Flag set of criteria requirements. All coastal beaches now operated here were mainly built in the soviet era as side effects of shoreline engineering enforcement or naval exercises, so formally they were not suitable for recreational bathing activities themselves. This led to numerous inconveniences to face with many beaches nowadays in Ukraine. They are not well-suited for beach leisure activities due to their initial design. This example shows a first case of a Beach construction in Ukraine, designed and built here exclusively for recreation itself.

The Celebration of the Blue Flag award on June 1, at Riviera Beach, got wide interest from the public and the media with a highlight moment of former Georgian President Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili (now Ukrainian Odessa region Governor) arrival to raise the Flag and a supportive speech for the Blue Flag in Odessa Oblast region, now transformed into the principal beach resort of the country.

Riviera Beach situated in the suburbs of Odessa city joins this year the Blue Flag sites in Ukraine with our traditional participant - with the municipal beach of Chornomorsk - they both give two perfect examples of successful beach management models implemented in the region - private and public, both according to the Blue Flag requirements and opening  a proper level of  marine recreation for a wide range of public.