"Sun Eco" service station in Lithuania

In the beginning of the bathing season an „Sun Eco" public service station was installed at the 1st Smiltyne beach (Klaipeda region). "Sun Eco“- is a multifunctional mobile device, which uses solar energy.  The following facilities of the station are provided to the beach visitors:
* air compressor for pumping bikes tires and a fan to inflate water toys, water mattresses, game balls;
* charging facility for mobile devices as phones, computers, GPS devices;
* free Wi-Fi internet access;

* "Call“ button for disabled people,  to invite a lifeguard for assistance.

"Sun Eco“ station can be adapted according to the season. The station can be used on the beaches, various popular touristic places, parks, for example, it can be installed during winter time as well, on a sledge on the frozen water pond. If climate conditions allow, station with wind power plant can be also used.