Blue Flag represented at the Georgian International Maritime Forum

Blue Flag was represented at the Georgian International Maritime Forum (GIMF) last month by Almila Kindan Cebbari, the Blue Flag National Operator from Turkey. The purpose of the September 10-14 forum was to discuss how to balance essential shipping activities with ocean health and sustainability.

The forum was conducted under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Georgia and the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia, and was attended by high-level representatives from many international organisations.

Experts from around the world convened to discuss the topic at hand. Although maritime transport issues were the primary focus of the forum, sustainability was at the center of many of the presentations and workshops.

Amila was present to represent Blue Flag in a side session titled “Investing in Sustainable Small-Scale Cruising for the Black Sea.” She shared a presentation about the Blue Flag programme, with a particular emphasis on Sustainable Boating Tourism Operators. Amila was also interviewed by a local television station about the potential for Georgia to grow its coastal and marine tourism through participation in Blue Flag.

Georgia is currently the only country on the Black Sea that does not participate in the Blue Flag programme. Amila’s presentation was well-received, and prominent Georgian stakeholders have since expressed interest in bringing Blue Flag to the country.