Blue Flag to Present at ITB Berlin 2018

Blue Flag will be presenting at the ITB Berlin 2018 travel trade show on 7 March during the Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals. The title of the presentation is "The Blue Flag Programme- An International Eco-Label for Beaches, Marinas, and Boating Tourism Operators- 30 Years of Protecting Our Coastal Areas Around the World." 

From the ITB Berlin Website:

For the coastal environment, water quality, safety and access for all, the Blue Flag represents a serious and profound commitment to both people and the environment. Central to the ideals of the Blue Flag programme is the aim of connecting the public with their surroundings and encouraging them to learn more about their environment. Appropriate national organisations are selected to implement and enforce the Blue Flag criteria and thereby ensure a consistency of the standards internationally, which make the Blue Flag award so trustworthy and valuable. Launched in 1987, the Blue Flag Programme has over 30 years of experience in engaging municipalities, marina managers, tourism companies, local communities and tourists in protecting our coastlines.

If you will be at ITB Berlin this year and would like to learn more about Blue Flag, come to The Adventure Stage in Hall 4.1 at 16:00 to hear the presentation. Learn more about the event at the ITB Berlin website