The Blue Flag programme at the 41st International Nautical Fair in Belgrade, Serbia.

Environmental Ambassadors for Sustainable Development as the National Operator of the Blue Flag programme in Serbia, has been invited by the organization Danube Propeller to present the Blue Flag programme during the 41st International Fair on nautical, hunting and fishing, held in Belgrade from March 1st to 5th, 2019.


Danube propeller in cooperation with the NATUS group (NATUS has been a cluster of nautical economy and nautical tourism, since 1992, within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Economy), traditionally organise thematic lectures from nautical areas.

Serbia has a remarkable network of inland waterways. It is the second riparian state on the Danube by length. The Danube flows through the country from km 1433 to km 845.65, a length of 587 km, the first 137.5 km being shared with Croatia (right bank) and the last 229 km with Romania (left bank). Serbia has about 1860 km of navigable waterways, including the network of 693 km of canals and navigable rivers, managed by the public water management company (PWMC) Vode Vojvodine. Vode Vojvodine manages the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal (Канал Дунав-Тиса-Дунав). This extensive canal network in Serbia is a unique hydro-engineering system for flood control and water management, land improvement and agriculture, forestry, water supply, waste water disposal, navigation, tourism, fishing and hunting. In central Serbia, it is estimated that there are an additional 650 km of rivers suitable for nautical tourism (classes RA and RB). The total length available for recreational boats or nautical tourism throughout Serbia is estimated at more than 3000 km.


The association Danube Propeller was formally established in 2007, with the mission to establish and reinforce citizens’ common interest in development, maintenance and use of the waterways in Serbia and the Middle Danube region. Our main aim is to create, coordinate and maintain a sustainable future for the Serbian nautical industry on rivers, canals and lakes oxbows, former gravel or sand pits, where nautical tourism is underdeveloped. The association Danube Propeller is a partner of IWI (Inland Waterways International) and a member of FEE Council in Serbia and Blue Flag national jury.