Contributing to SDG 14 with the smurfs


On the 60th Anniversary of the creation of the Smurfs, Blue Flag Spain has been chosen to support a ‘smurfs project’ focusing on Sustainable Development Goal number 14 on the sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources. Blue Flag Spain and Smurfs have drafted a Decalogue with dos and don’ts at the beach, such as using the accesses instead of walking through the dunes and not collecting stones or shells from the beach.

The Decalogue will be posted in the Spanish Blue Centers, Blue Flag beaches and marinas. Moreover, in a series of Blue Flag beaches, there will be a space with games for children to learn more about the sea and its protection.
Additionally, a photo contest for children has been launched to promote good environmental practices on environmental conservation both in natural areas and at home.

What does the Decalogue say?

  1. Use the recycling bins or bring the waste back home.

  2. Bring a bag to pick up the litter you find on the beach or in the water.

  3. Get used to the algae you find on the shore. They are part of the nature and they can be food for the animals.

  4. Do not pick up the shells and the stones you find on the beach, they are part of the ecosystem.

  5. Respect animals and plants from the beach and the sea.

  6. Before leaving the beach, shake the sand off your feet. The beach needs it, we do not!

  7. The water from the showers and the ‘footbath’ is a scarce and valuable resource that we need to preserve.

  8. Always walk on the walking paths. This way, you can reach your destination without damaging the environment.

  9. The dunes are the home of the plants that grow on it. Do not walk on them.

  10. Use the public toilet and take care of them, as they are for everyone. The sea is not a toilet.