Baja California Sur states the restriction of use of plastics

The Mexican state takes great steps to abandon the culture of plastic to protect the world’s aquarium


This August, Baja California Sur (BCS) took measures to preserve and protect its marine biodiversity. The latter is key to success of the state’s tourism industry since this Mexican state counts 20 beaches and a marina awarded with Blue Flag.

This initiative was supported by the Government of Baja California Sur along with the City Councils of La Paz, Los Cabos, Comondú, Loreto and Mulegé. The statement concerns the restriction of use of plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam containers in supermarkets, restaurants, self-service stores, pharmacies, as well as for purposes of wrapping or moving food and drinks. The state aims to end up the use of all these materials by 2021.

Baja California Sur is taking great steps to abandon the culture of plastic, we treasure our natural heritage, so we will not hesitate to protect it,” said Luis Araiza, the head of the Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (SETUES) of BCS.

More than just prohibiting the use of plastics, the announcement aims for raising public awareness about this issue to preserve oceans from pollution. Baja California Sur is the first Mexican state to sign the UN Environment global campaign “Mares Limpios” (“Clean Seas”) along with 57 countries.

Today BCS is a reference in Mexico according to environmental matters. We want our children and their future generations to breathe fresh air and have transparent seas full of fish, it is their right and it is our obligation”, said Araiza López.

SETUES provide talks about environmental care and conservation to children from elementary schools. Recently, Governor Carlos Mendoza also launched the “Sin Plastico Challenge (“Without plastic challenge”) in order to impulse good practices that could help to reduce climate change. Moreover, 7 000 plants have been delivered to reforest the state thanks to the “Sembremos un Mejor Futuro” (“Sow a better future”) programme.

Baja California Sur is a destination that strives, grows and lives up to the circumstances that prevail in the international tourism market and that includes the formal commitment to the environment,” said Luis Humberto Araiza.

As tourism industry is the main economic driving force of the state, the latter wants to contributes to the spreading of environmentally-friendly practices preserving the area and its biodiversity. The Government definitely strives to keep our seas full of fishes, not plastics.