Blue Flag and gender equality

  • Blue Flag is a non-political and non-religious programme. It involves women and men, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or socio- economic status in its projects.

  • Blue Flag actively supports the employment and empowerment of women and local minorities in all positions, aiming at strengthening their involvement in the society and workplace.

  • Safety on the beaches is a key factor in Blue Flag and in sustainable tourism in general.


In Mexico, SDG 5 is ensured through several activities aimed at promoting gender equality on Blue Flag beaches and put an end to all forms of violence against women (SDG 5.2). As part of an initiative called ‘Orange days’, a successful activity to raise awareness on sexual harassment and violence was organised in Isla Mujeres. Moreover, in Mexico, more than 50% of Blue Flag local beach operators are women, including a municipal director of ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime land area). Through Blue Flag, women are empowered to participate in leadership projects.


As in most Blue Flag countries, in Wales there is no gender discrimination on Blue Flag beaches: both genders are employed as lifeguards (i.e. male and female are on patrol at the same time) and related jobs have equal pay. Wales is also considering the idea of implementing ‘safe spaces’ for women on the beach.