Blue Flag helps the achievement of SDG 16

  • The Blue Flag programme encourages the engagement of societies and institutions in sustainable development and eco-tourism, requiring accountability and promoting inclusiveness between stakeholders from different sectors at local, national, and international level.

  • Blue Flag promotes people’s cooperation regardless of age, gender, religion and socioeconomic status. It works towards peaceful and just societies, inclusive and accountable, with a strong presence of diverse groups, and encourages guests visiting the Blue Flag sites to be actively involved with sustainability activities and sustainable management of resources.


Blue Flag contributes to the achievement of this goal, creating strong networks for municipality cooperation and acting as a bridge between public sector, private sector and other organisations. With the support of other organisations and NGOs, it fosters peace and justice.


In Slovenia, social justice is promoted through the inclusion of people with disabilities in beaches and marinas. Moreover, justice and strong institutions are promoted through the commitment of Blue Flag sites to comply with several local and regional laws and regulations, such as the European Bathing Water Quality Directive.