How does Blue Flag contribute to the achievement of SDG 7?

  • The Blue Flag promotes energy saving initiatives and innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption. Thanks to Blue Flag campaigns to promote and implement good energy practices, solar panels, wind turbines and energy saving light bulbs are often used in Blue Flag awarded beaches, marinas and boats.

  • The programme develops sustainability policies in order to provide sustainable energy infrastructures and services. It encourages the use of independent and separated energy systems through photovoltaic energy production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and go towards “zero energy consumption”.

sweden and bulgaria

This goal can be realised within the context of the Blue Flag programme through marinas, and individual boat owners, but also through the encouragement of sustainable services.

Particularly, in Bulgaria there are two Blue Flag sites that allow only sustainable transportation at the back of the beach. In one of them, only electric vehicles, rickshaws and horse carriages are allowed, and in the other one only electric golf cars.

Also in Sweden, the use of electric vehicles is promoted across all sites. There is in fact a strong demand for charging station, hence why, for instance, the Blue Flag marina of Pampas has built a charging station for electric vehicles. Additionally, another Blue Flag beach is located at the camping site of Lagunen, which buildings run with certified renewable energy, also contributing to this goal.