Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure with Blue Flag

  • Blue Flag supports innovation within the areas of environmental management. The programme increases resource-use efficiency and fosters clean and environmental sound technologies.

  • Blue Flag actively promotes sustainable infrastructure, as well as construction of access for people with disabilities.

  • Blue Flag encourages the development and use of sustainable transportation.

  • Blue Flag is a good framework for coastal zone management.


In Cyprus, several actions are undertaken in order to help achieve this goal. Affordable public transportation to the beach is promoted, together with the use of bicycles and footpaths. Innovative ways to allow everyone to access the beach are also undertaken, such as amphibious wheelchairs or pathways on the sand. On Blue Flag beaches, the seaweed that is found on the shore and which can become a nuisance, is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, for example, through composting or through its use as a fertilizer.

dominican republic

Blue Flag awarded sites promote infrastructure development, in order to meet the requirements and services needed to be part of the Blue Flag programme. In Dominican Republic, thanks to the Blue Flag, there are now adequate infrastructures to allow people with disabilities to access the beach and lifesaving towers have also been built. The quality of infrastructures near Blue Flag awarded sites is in fact higher than in other coastal areas, thus contributing to this goal and sustainable development in general.