Blue Flag National Operator Meeting 2015

Each year, all Blue Flag National Operators from the network meet to discuss and exchange about the technicalities of the programme, the strategy, best practices and other issues. This 2015 edition took place in the Municipality of Goeree Overflakkee, in the Netherlands.

Over 40 participants attended the meeting, and enjoyed the Dutch region after a two-day meeting. The focus this year was on the newest Blue Flag development: awarding the sustainable boating tourism operators, as a means to take further action in the marine sustainability. Environmental actions such as the two minutes beach clean up were presented, and many countries brought to the table their best national expertise to inspire others.
We wish to thank the Blue Flag National Operator, Stichting KMVK, and the municipality of Goeree Overflakkee for the warm welcome and fantastic venue!

Picture Credit: Municipality of Goere-Overflakkee - The Netherlands