The first Russian Blue Flag beach provides comfortable vacation for people with disabilities

The first Russian Blue Flag beach is located in the Jantarny village, Kaliningrad region, and stretches along the coast of the Baltic Sea over 300 meters with fine white sand. The spacious beach stadium with comfortable rostrums, cafe, car parking and other facilities are located not far from the beach area. After a strong wind you can find on the beach some pieces of amber washed waves on the shore.

The beach meets all required Blue Flag criteria and provides a comfortable vacation for people with disabilities. To the beach leads the wooden descend of promenade, which represents a wooden track along the coast with observation platforms. Its total length is 1980 meters, including 700 meters over the water. The material used for construction — Siberian larch, which, thanks to its high content of resin in its wood exclusively is resistant to decay.

On the beach there is some wooden flooring, on which the bathing wheelchairs "Tiralo" for people with disabilities are placed. The Tiralo is a beach chair designed for people with reduced mobility. It rides on the beach (sand, gravel, ground) or floats on the water, and goes from one to the other without requiring any adjustments. On to this wheelchair, disabled people can be placed by using the special lift. The representatives of the society of people with disabilities take part in assembling of such bathing wheelchairs in France, where the Tiralo is extensively used.

Within the framework of the regional project "Flowers of Life" the local young people with disabilities took part in the construction of meteorological booth which shows the current settings for the environment, air and water temperature, time and date. This booth is set on the beach , for all users to enjoy.