Trinidad and Tobago engages in Responsible Pet Ownership Project to control the stray animal population

One hundred and seventy-three (173) pets belonging to residents on the North Coast of Trinidad received free veterinary treatment during the final segment of a four-part community engagement – “Humane Stray Animal Control through Spay and Neuter Intervention and Responsible Pet Ownership” programme facilitated by Asclepius Green, the National Coordinator for the Blue Flag programme, and supported by the Tourism Development Company (TDC) in May and June 2016. Asclepius Green is proud to work with the Beach Operator (TDC) as they seek to meet and maintain strict Blue Flag certification criteria including the control of the stray animal population on its Blue Flag beach.

The clinic was officially opened with a small ceremony attended by Tourism Officials, members of several animal welfare NGOs and staff and students of the Las Cuevas Government Primary School. The field veterinary clinic had a dedicated veterinary team of passionate volunteers giving over 900 hours of free work to the project. The clinic opened daily from 7:30am to 7:30pm and of the 173 animals seen, 102 were spayed/neutered.

The Responsible Pet Ownership project was one of five environmental outreach activities completed by the TDC in order to maintain the Las Cuevas beach facility’s Blue Flag status.

Other community outreach initiatives undertaken included an interactive school outreach session at the Las Cuevas Government Primary School; a community outreach event on responsible pet ownership and tourism; and a community walkabout to raise awareness, provide basic medical care to pets and pre-register pet owners for a free spay and neuter field clinic.