Research on the endangered Humpback Dolphin by South African Blue Flag boat Dream Catcher


The Indian Ocean humpback dolphin (Sousa plumbea) is classified as endangered, but recent evidence suggests that they may even be critically endangered.  This specie inhabits waters that are shallow and as a result often interacts with humans and their activities in the coastal zone, for example coastal development, pollution, high speed water craft etc. The recent establishment of a collaboration between humpback dolphin researchers all along the coast of South Africa has resulted in the first comparative analysis of photo ID’s across the entire range of this specie in South Africa. Initial results show that this species is in need of much more monitoring and that the numbers are much lower than originally thought. The Sustainable Tourism Boat Operator Dream Catcher, collects photo ID’s, group sizes, behavioral data, water salinity and temperature while out on trips and have recently started a dedicated research project on these dolphins.  The boat operator has already identified 28 individuals in the operating area showing the prominence of this area for this particular species.