Common dolphins, sperm whales and many more by Spanish Blue Flag Boat Starfish Dos


Starfish Dos from Costa Sol Cruceros was firstly awarded in 2016 with the Blue Flag for sustainable boating tourism operator, but it has been committed to the environment for a long time up to now. Based in Benalmadena marina, their excursions get tourist to know the Alboran sea, a protected area of great ecological value as it is an ecotone between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic sea.  For 2017, on top of whale and dolphin watching activities, their environmental education actions have focused on marine waste.

Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, killer whales and fin whales, can be seen during their excursions. This summer a thresher shark was seen which is very rare as it lives in the deep of the ocean.

“The Blue Flag has been very important for us as it illustrates the commitment of public bodies and companies with sustainable development and in our case, gives an added value to the marine environment of the coast of Malaga.” States the President of Costa Sol Cruceros.